The SnowBounders are always looking for new volunteers. It's never too late to help even if the season has begun.  

Each year, the same volunteers, with exception to a few new ones, maintain the trails. These volunteers are spread very thin and we lose a few along the way, but very rarely gain any to replace those that we have lost.

Snowmobile trails are maintained year round, whether it be a bridge that needs repair, a re-route that needs to be done due to a landowner shutting us down or selling property, clearing brush, trees, etc., pulling signs at the end of a season, putting signs in before the beginning of a new season and grooming.

Before I became an active member, I had no idea how much work goes into the trail system. Going to meetings definitely enhances your knowledge on problem areas that we face.

There are particular conditions in which the trails can be groomed or not groomed. The amount of snowfall is a significant factor. Just because the trails are opened does not mean that a groomer has enough snow to groom. The Club get calls that a trail needs to be groomed, calls because people are out there when there is no snow, calls because people go off the trails, and these calls come day or night whether you are working your job or eating your dinner.

While it is frustrating sometimes to be a volunteer, the reward is greater knowing that you are making so many  people happy by keeping the trails open.

Please, we urge you to become an active member. There's only so much a handful of people can do.

Thank you

The SnowBounders